You can easily get lost on the internet, and I often do. Here’s what we’re reading at the Butter on the Endive office this week:

An interview with Chef David Kinch of Manresa on Hat tip to Jake for the link.

Interview in the New Yorker with Tom Muller, author of a new book on the sometimes nefarious world of olive oil.

With a gluten-sensitive mom, this recipe for a flour substitute called “What IiF” from the folks at Ideas in Food got my attention.

A profile on Alex Stupak (former pastry chef of Alinea and WD-50) in The New York Times, who now is the chef/owner of 2 mexican restaurants in New York City.

A cool little piece on the trials, tribulations and triumphs of staging in high end kitchens from Chef Justin Yu of the soon to open Oxheart in Houston

What are you reading?