We are once again honored to be collaborating with the city’s finest for an event on September 29th, 2012 that’s called Railway Moonshiner: hand-crafted wood, cask ale, & eats. In partnership with Union Wood & Supply Company, Inner City Farms, and Todd Graham of R&B Brewing Company we will be serving up a delicious stand-up supper that showcases Inner City Farms produce and Todd Graham’s custom cask ale for the evening.

Todd Graham, head brewer from R&B Brewing Company, is the kindest community-building bad-ass you’ve ever met. He’s keeping his custom cask ale a secret right now, but rest assured, he’s got a something special up his sleeve. We will update you more information about the cask soon, so stay tuned and keep in radio contact.

Inner City Farms will be our primary supplier for the evening. We want to showcase what this amazing organic foods grower does in this city. If you love Vancouver, it’s probably largely because of Inner City Farms. There are a lot of great organic growers and farmers that we chefs have access to, but there is something incredibly unique about Inner City Farms and I  can’t wait to pick their gardens over a glass of beer and philosophize about food movements.

Butter on the Endive is working with creating a menu that echoes the flavours and techniques of the American South, drawing from the classics, but with twist. The food portion of the evening will be a stand up supper of small plates and small bites. The menu below is a work in progress for another week.

Small Bites:

heirloom tomato with beer cheese, smoked ham and crispy bread

red devil brined and smoked oyster with apple, beet and fennel

boudin balls: braised pork, liver and rice croquette with peach mustard

side stripe shrimp with pickled peppers, corn and rice cracker

crispy confit chicken wing with plum

more canapes to come…..

Small Plates:

Inner City Farm turn of the season chop salad with crispy chicken skin and hop vinaigrette

smoked beef rib with bourbon bbq, celeriac and apple salad

a big old basket of biscuits

more to come……

We love to find interesting locations around the city to collaborate with like-minded food and lifestyle industry people to showcase the talent this city has to offer.  Craig Pearce and the folks at Union Wood Supply & Company are wonderful people, with an eye for creating beauty through modest design from salvaged and refined wood. But not only that: they also curate their retail space with personal style and a lot of love. Once you meet these guys you will be floored by their authenticity as artists and craftspeople. Union Wood & Supply will be celebrating their 1-year anniversary this night, and we are happy to be a part of the celebrations. From 9pm onwards, you can come down to the shop (503 Railway St) and help celebrate 1 year of successful, community-driven business. Vancouver Urban winery will be pouring wine, there will be beer, and Union Wood shop will be giving away a stable table–with money from the draw tickets going straight to charity. For more information about the anniversary after party, contact Union Wood shop at: 604-675-9033 or visit their website.

To reserve tickets for the food portion of the evening, we ask for a minimum of $60 donation per person. You can do that via paypal below. It will be 6:00pm-8:30pm. You may not bring your own alcohol to this event. Sorry dudes.

Tickets: $60, includes food and 2 beers. Other adult drinks will be available for a fair price. There will be a cash bar, so please bring cash. We will not be able to accommodate card payments, and there is no way in hell we are near a bank machine out on Railway Street.